What we Do 

We Educate

We Advocate

We Elevate


We educate our mamas by providing resources, workshops, and conversations that affect us during the early stages of motherhood. We advocate by speaking up about the disparities that we face in the BIPOC motherhood experience to start making the changes in our communities. We elevate for BIPOC mamas by amplifying your stories, your voices, and, most importantly, your joy. We believe that your joy matters, and we want the whole world to see it and know it. 

HEre's how we DO IT:

OUR 4 areas of focus:



Preparing for baby, self care, wellness, setting boundaries, etc.

TTC resources, fertility, building healthy relationships, Prenatal journey, etc.

Birth & Postpartum

Birth,  advocating, matrescence, maternal mortality,  4th trimester etc. 

Early Childhood Development

Milestones, feeding, discipline, age appropriate activities, social and emotional development


We are here to 


an unheard cultural 


Steal this!

The Ultimate Postpartum Checklist

We all know that the postpartum period can be challenging, exhausting, and blissful. To help with the transition into your 4th trimester, we have compiled a list of must-haves and some nice-to-have things.  

I  want the checklist