A space Dedicated to providing a dose of inspiration and guidance to new and expecting BIPOC mamas. Increase awareness on issues that affect our communities and champion you on your journey. 

We are here to amplify the UNSEEN joy in Black and Brown Mamas 

My story really began the moment I decided that my joy and the joy of BIPOC mamas matter

I saw those two lines appear and rushed to tell my husband of just 30 days that we were pregnant. We hugged, we kissed, we cried, we screamed, and then I did want any new Virgo mom would do. I started planning. I went straight to google and started my search. I went to youtube and started watching. I went to amazon to buy the books. I was excited and ready to embark on this motherhood journey. 
While flipping through the pages, scrolling through the blogs, and sitting back to watch the videos, I noticed something was missing.

I noticed something was missing... 

Where am I? Where are the Black mamas? Why is she not in this book, in this blog, on this video? In 2012 sadly, she was tough to find. She was not represented in the motherhood community. You didn’t see her on the cover of Parent magazine. You didn’t see her breastfeeding her baby on Instagram. You also didn’t see any other BIPOC mamas either. 

Hi, I'm Monica Jones

Founder of Melanated Mamas

I wanted that change and I  wanted to take up some space and share my motherhood Journey. 

I wanted to change that, so I started my blog Bymonicajones. I wanted to create a space that showed that Black mamas exist. I wanted to show the mundane journey of motherhood. I wanted to talk about my three-year-old birthday party, what was in my diaper bag, and the importance of instilling confidence in my daughters because I know this world will try to take that away from them. I wanted to share the good, the joy, but also keep it real. That was a great outlet and continues to be along with my podcast She is You, but something was missing

The summer of 2020 was the Kaboom from a ticking time bomb that has been counting down for years. The whole world felt angry frustrated, and enraged...

Everyone I turned the pain, suffering, and trauma of the Black community was on display for everyone to see. My peace and joy were stripped away from me, and fear, anxiety, and sadness overcame me. It wasn’t until I heard a quote that changed it all. 

My joy is an act of resistance.

Yes, joy! Joy is how we combat. Joy, love, and self care is how I fight against this ugly world that tries to swallow me up and those that look like me. So I will chose joy. I will chose to protect my peace.  I continue to choose goodness, wholesome everyday beautiful love. Those feelings liberated me, so I wanted to create a space where other mamas could experience the same thing. 

On August 14th, 2020 Melanated Mamas was born. A space where we amplify the unseen joy in Black and Brown mamas. A community that champions BIPOC mamas to be seen, heard, and empowered through storytelling, imagery and connection.  


she appreciates supportive and uplifting spaces that celebrate her motherhood experience.

the melanated Mama


She’s passionate about her work and her family but understands the importance of pouring into the woman inside the mom.


She’s the working mom, the stay at home mom, the mom to be, and the new mom. 


She understands the importance of pouring into her children because the world we live in won’t do it for her.



She’s a multitasking, efficient, and budget conscious mama that is down with anything that will convenient her lifestyle. 

She loves connection and is always looking for inspiration and guidance from the latest trader joe’s finds, lactation tips, self care ideas, or how to talk to her daughters about their natural hair.

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On Motherhood

"It's going to be harder than you think but you are stronger than you think you are."

— jena Holliday